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We will provide you with comprehensive advice on:

A range of investment strategies that will help grow your money

Ascertaining your current financial position and identifying where you want to be

How to maximise the potential of your superannuation 


How to recognise and manage any risks


Who needs a Retirement Plan?

Everybody should have a retirement plan! Sirius Financial can give professional advice to create a personalised retirement plan that will allow you to achieve your retirement goals.

What is needed to make a Retirement Plan?

When you start to plan for your retirement, important questions you should consider include:

  1. What age would you like to retire?
  2. What do you want your ‘retirement to look like’ – what are your goals?
  3. Would you like to retire completely?
  4. Would you like to decrease your work load before retirement?
  5. How much super will I have for my retirement?
  6. How much money will I need based on my retirement?

Why is Retirement Planning Essential?

If you create a plan early you will have a better chance to achieve your retirement goals.

How can a Good Retirement Plan be achieved?

Our advisers at Sirius Financial have the experience and skillset to:

  • Ascertain your current financial position
  • Identify where you want to be
  • Help you to clarify and set your goals
  • Develop an action plan that incorporates a range of investment strategies that will help grow your money to ensure you meet your goals in your retirement
  • Maximise the potential of your superannuation
  • Recognise and manage any tax implications